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virtual drum

См.: виртуальный барабан.



virtual drum

virtual drum - In multi-project critical chain project management, a means of staggering projects that does not involve leveling the load on a resource.

Usage: The virtual drum could be a policy such as limiting the number of projects in execution at one time or limiting the number of projects being worked at a particular integration point, or a rule such as "release a new project each week." An integration point or integration function can be also be used as a virtual drum. Capacity generally is not the issue causing delays at integration; the major problem at integration points is generally multitasking across activities. Once staggering is implemented and a number of projects have been completed, multitasking is significantly decreased and the number of projects flowing through the process increases. At this point capacity of the integration function may become an issue if further growth in throughput is desired.

See:critical chain project management, drum, staggering.