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См.: использовать.




exploit - The key word in the second of the five focusing steps: decide how to exploit the system constraint(s).

Usage: In the case of an internal resource constraint, to exploit is to get more goal units by taking actions that make the best use of or take the best advantage of the constraint.

Example: In the book "The Goal" (Goldratt, North River Press, 1984), when the constraint was the NCX10, actions that UNICO took to exploit it included staffing the machine during lunch, breaks, and shift changes, which resulted in more productive utilization of the constraint. Management also increased the yield at the constraint by doing quality inspection just prior to the NCX10 so that any defective parts were pulled before wasting constraint time. In general, other actions used to exploit a constraint include, but are not limited to, creating a schedule for the constraint resource, implementing total productive maintenance, reducing setup times at the constraint, and implementing an unrefusable market offer when there is a market constraint.

See:constraint, five focusing steps, market constraint, unrefusable offer.