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См.: поднять.




elevate - The key word in the fourth of the five focusing steps: elevate the system constraint.

Usage: To elevate is to take actions that do not exploit the constraint or subordinate to it, yet the result is that the system produces more goal units. These actions usually require investment or outsourcing.

Example: In the book "The Goal" (Goldratt, North River Press, 1984), the NCX 10 cannot produce enough output to meet the market demand. UNICO took many actions to exploit the NCX 10 and to subordinate to the need to exploit the NCX 10. However, they still could not produce enough system output to satisfy market demand. They elevated their capacity to perform the functions of the NCX10 by bringing back old, less efficient equipment that could perform the same operations as the NCX 10.

See:exploit, five focusing steps, subordinate.