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См.: барабан-буфер-канат.




drum-buffer-rope - (DBR) - The TOC method for scheduling and managing operations when there is an internal resource constraint.

Usage: DBR uses the following: 1. the drum, generally the constraint or capacity-constrained resource (CCR), which processes work in a specific sequence based on the customer requested due date and the finite capacity of the resource; 2. time buffers which protect the constraint and shipping schedule from variability; and, 3. a rope mechanism to choke the release of raw materials to match consumption at the constraint. Simplified drum-buffer-rope (S-DBR) challenges the need to schedule the constraint and to have a CCR buffer to protect the schedule. Instead S-DBR monitors the planned load to ensure that the CCR has adequate capacity to handle all the demand to be delivered by the required due dates. Both DBR and S-DBR use buffer management to continuously maintain flow through the production process and improve a production environment.

See:assembly buffer, buffer, buffer management, capacity-constrained resource, constraint buffer, drum resource, drum schedule, shipping buffer, simplified drum-buffer-rope.