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См.: инъекция.




injection - - 1. A state, condition, or action proposed as a means of converting undesirable effects into desirable effects through a chain of cause-and-effect in a future reality and depicted in a future reality tree (FRT). 2. A state, condition, or action that invalidates one or more assumptions underlying the relationships between the objective and requirements, or between requirements and prerequisites, or between the two prerequisites of an evaporating cloud. 3. A state, condition, or action that is proposed to overcome, or "trim", a negative branch reservation. 4. An element of a solution that consists of several injections.

Usage: Although it may be an action, an injection is usually expressed as a system state or condition. An injection is shown as a square-cornered rectangle on an FRT. An injection may involve a breakthrough idea that resolves the core conflict in an evaporating cloud. In order to verbalize and evaluate an injection, it is not necessary to prove that it is currently possible to achieve the stated condition, that is, the injection may well be a "flying pig injection."

See:breakthrough injection, desirable effect, entity, future reality tree, evaporating cloud, flying pig injection, negative branch reservation, objective, prerequisite, requirement, trimming injection, predicted undesirable effect.