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unrefusable offer

См.: безотказное предложение.



unrefusable offer

unrefusable offer - (URO) - A combined marketing and sales initiative that addresses the customer's core problem and creates a win-win solution for the supplier and customer.

Usage: An unrefusable offer is so called because, if constructed properly, the offer is too good to be refused by the customer and competitors can't or won't make the same offer to customers. An unrefusable offer addresses the customers' core problem as it relates to doing business with our

industry. It typically requires that a supplier do something different (e.g., make operational improvements to establish a decisive competitive edge) to address the customer's core problem.
Many people confuse an unrefusable offer with a unique selling proposition (USP), customer value proposition (CVP), or a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA). USPs, CVPs, and SCAs take what you already do and state it succinctly (or emphasize a certain part) and with more specificity aimed at one or a few of their customers' problems or gaps in current market offerings. These alternatives can be UROs, but generally are not.

Perspective: Most companies offer solutions that solve their customers' various problems or symptoms. UROs solve the industry and customer's core problem. Unrefusable offers are not based on innovation. An unrefusable offer is a starting point for companies that have a market constraint, and is not based solely on price.

Syn.:mafia offer.

See:core problem, decisive competitive edge.