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transformation strategy and tactics tree

См.: дерево стратегии и тактики преобразования.



transformation strategy and tactics tree

transformation strategy and tactics tree - A category of strategy and tactics tree designed to manage the transformation of an organization from its current reality to a future reality.

Usage: The transformation S&T tree answers the three fundamental change questions: what to change, to what to change and how to cause the change. To develop the S&T content, the other TP are used to provide answers in the following manner: 1. What to change? - Undesirable effects and current reality tree 2. To what to change? - Cloud, injections and future reality tree (to get additional sufficiency

3. How to cause the change? - Obstacles, intermediate objectives, prerequisite tree and transition tree. There are currently five generic transformation S&T trees in the public domain: consumer goods, pay-per-click, projects, reliable rapid response, and retailer.