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traditional manufacturing management philosophy

См.: традиционная философия управления производством.



traditional manufacturing management philosophy

traditional manufacturing management philosophy - A philosophy of managing a manufacturer that focuses on local optimization to achieve maximum short-term organizational profits. Costs associated

with such items as purchasing and transportation lot sizes (generally big batches purchased or transported at reduced prices), materials handling, economic order and production quantities, warehouse and stock locations, etc. are minimized under the assumption that these cost savings translate into additional organization profit. Worker and equipment utilizations and efficiencies are maximized in an attempt to minimize product cost. These manufacturing actions and measures generally result in a push system based on a forecast of consumption and create large production batches pushed into the production process and transferred to downstream links in the supply chain in the attempt to achieving lowest unit cost at each task in the process.

See:lean manufacturing management philosophy, lean supply chain management philosophy, material requirements planning, theory of constraints manufacturing management philosophy, theory of constraints supply chain management philosophy, traditional supply chain management philosophy.