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theory of constraints manufacturing management philosophy

См.: теория ограничений философия управления производством.



theory of constraints manufacturing management philosophy

theory of constraints manufacturing management philosophy - A holistic manufacturing philosophy using a pull distribution method that applies to all types of manufacturing: make-to-availability, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, etc. in a wide array of plant types: I-plants, V-plants, A-plants, T-plants and combination plants. It is based on planning, controlling and monitoring a few control points (gating, divergent, convergent, shipping) based on the constraint capacity whether the constraint is a resource or the market. Throughput accounting with its measures of throughput, inventory and operating expense are considered an integral part of this philosophy. This allows focusing on the throughput opportunities available to the organization. Methods for sales, marketing, project management, human resources, and strategy and tactics also have been developed in making it a holistic philosophy.

See:lean manufacturing management philosophy, lean supply chain management philosophy, theory of constraints supply chain management philosophy, traditional supply chain management philosophy.