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target level

См.: целевой уровень.



target level

target level - - In a make-to-availability system, the total desired level of finished goods plus work-in-progress inventory that is required to assure availability for a part.

Usage: In a make-to-availability system all of the material representing the target level does not have to be at the finished goods stage - some will be in finished goods and some will be in process or in-transit. The initial target level is defined by the "maximum" forecasted consumption within average replenishment time factored by unreliability of the replenishment time. In practice the initial target level can be calculated by either (a) multiplying the average demand within replenishment time by a factor of 1.5 - 2.0, or (b) use the actual maximum sales that have occurred during the reliable replenishment time based on sales history for the most recent six to 12 months. After implementation buffer management is usually to self-adjust the target level based on actual demand pulls.