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symptomatic conflict

См.: симптоматический конфликт.



symptomatic conflict

symptomatic conflict - An unresolved conflict in a system resulting from pressure to deal with an undesirable effect, or a conflict related to having to deal (in the execution of a plan) with UDEs caused either by problems in the creation of the plan or by changes in the starting conditions not accounted for in the plan.

Usage: A symptomatic or consequence conflict cloud is of the form: D Action/rule needed to remove the UDE versus D' Opposite action in conflict with D. A symptomatic conflict is identified as part of

the dual cloud process and is contrasted with a systemic conflict. An indication of a symptomatic conflict in department B of an organization is that department B is blaming department A for creating UDEs that department B must deal with.

Syn.:consequence conflict, consequence conflict cloud.

See:systemic conflict, dual-cloud process.