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sufficiency-based logic

См.: логика основанная на достаточности.



sufficiency-based logic

sufficiency-based logic - - A type of cause-and-effect reasoning in which the existence of one or more causes leads unavoidably to the existence of the effect.

Usage: The thinking processes diagrams that use this type of "if…then…" (cause and effect) logic are the current reality tree, future reality tree, negative branch reservation, transition tree, and strategy and tactic tree.

Illustration 1: Sufficiency-based logic diagrams are read beginning with the entity at the beginning of the arrow. The following logic diagram is verbalized: If 10 I default on a loan then 20 My credit rating goes down.

Illustration 2: Sometimes one cause is not sufficient to explain the existence of the observed effect. In such cases two or more causes are diagramed and linked with a logical 'and' connector (or ellipse). The following logic diagram is verbalized: If 10 I turn the ignition key to my car and 20 My car has a dead battery then 30 My car won't start.

See:cause, cause-effect, effect, entity, logical 'and' connector, thinking processes.