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sufficiency assumption

См.: предположение достаточности.



sufficiency assumption

sufficiency assumption - An entity in a strategy and tactics (S&T) tree that states what has to be considered to ensure that the group of strategy and tactics entities at a lower level is sufficient to cause the tactic at the next higher level.

Usage: Sufficiency assumptions are facts of life that are common sense that, if ignored, will result in the steps below being insufficient to achieve the step above them. A sufficiency assumption is typically expressed as a warning or set of warnings when the level of detail in a tactic is likely to be insufficient to ensure that its strategy will be achieved effectively and efficiently. These warnings can

include assumptions about the governing laws of business, economics, human behavior etc. Sufficiency assumptions point out what we should keep in mind when evaluating the next level of the S&T tree. Sufficiency assumptions are required at each level in the strategy and tactics tree except the lowest level.

See:necessary assumption, parallel assumption, strategy, strategy and tactic node, tactic.