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student syndrome

См.: синдром студента.



student syndrome

student syndrome - Failing to start a task, even though the start date has passed, because there appears to be plenty of time before the seemingly distant due date.

Usage: The name is derived from the fact that most students tend to behave in this manner when given long range assignments. Typically other things appear to be more important, leading resources to delay starting or finishing work on a task. Once the due date becomes near, the effort increases to complete the task on time, however, any variation causes the task to be late. The student syndrome is one of the behaviors that critical chain project management seeks to eliminate.

Perspective: This behavior wastes any protection the task had available and accounts for the fact that in a conventional project environment, tasks - even though they typically contain lots of safety - tend to be completed rarely before, often close to, and frequently after the due date.

See:critical chain project management, multitasking, Parkinson's Law.