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strategy and tactic node

См.: узел стратегии и тактики.



strategy and tactic node

strategy and tactic node - A grouping in a strategy and tactic tree; the grouping consists of five entities defining a proposed change. Each S&T node should answer: 1. Why the change is needed (necessary assumption)? 2. What the specific measurable objective of the change is (strategy)? 3. Why we claim the strategy is possible and what specific requirements, potential negative branches, or obstacles must be considered when selecting from the alternative ways (tactic) for achieving the strategy (parallel assumptions linking strategy with tactic)? 4. How to best achieve the objective of the change (tactic); for example, what changes should be made to processes, policy, IT systems or measurement? 5. What advice or warning should be given to subordinates, which, if ignored, will likely jeopardize the sufficiency of the steps they would take to implement this tactic and which is likely to be ignored (without the warning) (sufficiency assumption)?

See:necessity assumption, parallel assumption, strategy, sufficiency assumption, tactic.