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stock buffer

См.: буфер запасов.



stock buffer

stock buffer - - A quantity of material held at a point in the supply chain to decouple demand from supply. Stock buffers can be held at the raw material stage, at intermediate production stages (as work-in-process inventory) or at the finished goods stage. Stock buffers reduce the lead time to market (quoted lead time) and protect the system's throughput and due date performance.

Illustration: A stock buffer for an SKU: 100% O % Green 0- 33% Buffer Buffer Yellow 34- 67% Status Penetration Red 68-100% O % 100%

Perspective: Stock buffers are used in both make-to-availability and make-to-order environments for raw materials and in-process items. In ASR, strategically replenished buffers are applied to strategic part positions buffering both upstream and downstream variability and reducing product lead time. In make-to-availability, finished goods stock buffers are also used in plant (central), regional, and distributor warehouses and retailers. In contrast, time buffers are used for constraint, assembly, shipping, and production buffers in make-to-order environments. Stock and time buffers should not be confused.

Syn.:piece buffer.

See:buffer, raw material buffer, time buffer.