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simplified drum-buffer-rope

См.: упрощенный барабан-буфер-канат.



simplified drum-buffer-rope

simplified drum-buffer-rope - (S-DBR) - The process of managing operations based upon the market drum and a shipping buffer (in this application called a production buffer) while monitoring the planned load on any capacity-constrained resources. More recent developments of S-DBR have added a mechanism to quote safe dates for delivery.

Usage: S-DBR can be used in the vast majority of shop floors with the one exception of having sequence-dependent setups. The rationale of S-DBR is that the market demand is the major constraint, but it does not preclude the possibility having a capacity-constrained resource(s). The capacity control in S-DBR is done through the planned load. It only uses one type of buffer, namely, the production buffer.

See:capacity-constrained resource, drum, planned load, production buffer.