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sales core conflict cloud

См.: корневое облако конфликта продаж.



sales core conflict cloud

sales core conflict cloud - A sales person's core problem is how to convince a buyer to purchase the product or service. Should the sales person present the features of the product or not present? Presenting the product is the traditional approach to selling and most buyers are turned off by listening to a prepared presentation that she feels does not meet her company's needs. In response to the presentation the buyer usually objects by saying that there is little difference between this product and competitors or this product and the product they currently use. The sales person's objective A is bring the buyer to see the product as the best value by meeting requirements B sales person shows the value to the buyer and C sales person doesn't cause the buyer to object. In order to B show value to the buyer, D the sales person must present the product. In order to C not cause the buyer to object, D' the sales person must not present the product. See the evaporating cloud below: The TOC solution uses the layers of resistance to change to focus of the presentation. The buy-in process is used to peel each layer of resistance back one layer at a time in the correct sequence. The presentation focuses on the identification and solution to the buyer's biggest problem(s) created by our product or service.

See:buy-in process, change analogy, layers of resistance.