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root cause

См.: первопричина.



root cause

root cause - An entity usually appearing at the lowest level of causality within a current reality tree for which there are no postulated causes. It is a starting point for a reality branch that leads to one or more undesirable effects (UDEs).

Usage: If a root cause results in the majority of the UDEs including the most significant ones, it may be labeled as the core problem. When a root cause is eliminated, the recurrence of one or more UDEs will be prevented. In contrast to a core driver, a root cause is a state or condition over which a manager has some degree of influence or the capability to change.

Perspective: Root cause, as used here, is different from the identical term when associated with the TQM paradigm where brainstorming and creating a fishbone diagram or producing an interrelationship digraph yield the cause responsible for a defined problem within a process being improved.

See:causality, core driver, core problem, current reality tree, entity, undesirable effect.