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resource contention

См.: конфликт ресурсов.



resource contention

resource contention - - 1. In production, a situation in which two or more work orders require the same resource at the same time.

Usage 1: In production, resource contention can be identified during the planning phase in drum-buffer-rope and during the execution phase of the production solutions, either drum-buffer-rope or simplified drum-buffer-rope. Perspective 1: If a given work center utilization is 80% then approximately 80% of the time when a work order enters that work center the resource will be busy on another part.

  1. In project management, a situation in which two or more tasks, either in the same project or across projects, have to be performed by the same resource and there is an overlap in the timing of the tasks. Usage 2: In project management, resource contention can be highlighted during the planning phase when determining the critical chain as well as after inserting feeding buffers, which potentially creates contention among feeding tasks and between feeding tasks and critical chain tasks. Contention can occur within one project, across projects or when a project task conflicts with day-to-day tasks. In the project execution phase resource contention can occur when several tasks are waiting to be performed by the same resource at the same time.

Illustration 2: In the project network shown below, tasks M16 and M10 require resource M at the same time. Diagram A shows the project network before elimination of resource contention and diagram B shows the same project after elimination of resource contention: