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replenishment lead time

См.: полное время пополнения.



replenishment lead time

replenishment lead time - The time from order placement to restocking an item. It can be composed of the sum of the order, prerelease, production and transportation lead times. Replenishment lead time is calculated as:

RLT = order lead time + prerelease lead time + production lead time + transportation lead time where: 1. order lead time is the time it takes the client to place the order; 2. prerelease lead time is the time that the order waits to be released under a drum-buffer-rope (or simplified-drum-buffer-rope) scheduling system; 3. production lead time is the time to manufacture including setup, queue, processing, post operation wait, and move times; and 4. transportation lead time is the shipment time from manufacturing facility to customer location.

Illustration: Components of replenishment lead time:

See:order lead time.