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red zone of the buffer

См.: красная зона буфера.



red zone of the buffer

red zone of the buffer - The buffer management term for region III, the most critical region, of the buffer.

Usage: Generally, parts are supposed to arrive or work is supposed to be completed before the red zone. Red, a sign of danger or urgency, is used to refer to this region because any hole in region III

signifies that future throughput is in jeopardy as there is a risk that the part will not be available when needed. A hole in this region requires immediate action as determined by the buffer management process.

Perspective: TOC logistical solutions in production, project management and distribution/ replenishment use buffers to protect the constraint and the customer due dates from variation. These buffers are broken into three zones generally referred to as the green zone, yellow zone and the red zone. These zones help set priorities in reacting to variation.

Syn.:region III.

See:buffer, buffer management, green zone, hole, yellow zone.