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project management measures

См.: меры управления проектом.



project management measures

project management measures - - In buffer management for single- and multi-project critical chain project management, three measures are used to judge the execution of projects individually and with respect to other projects. The measures are: 1. Critical chain completed (%) - The percentage of the critical chain that is already completed. It is used to measure project progress. 2. Buffer burn rate - The percentage of the project buffer consumed relative to the percentage of the critical chain completed for the project to date. It is used to measure project status. 3. Project buffer consumption rate - The rate of consumption of the project buffer relative to the rate of completion of the critical chain for a single reporting period. It indicates whether a problem is developing and whether corrective action was effective in bringing the project back on schedule.

Usage: The three measures provide a clear picture of a project or a number of projects and indicate where management attention and resources should be directed. The measures help to quickly identify whether a problem exists and where it is on the critical chain.

See:buffer burn rate, critical chain completed percentage, project buffer consumption rate.