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prerequisite-obstacle link

См.: ссылка препятствие-предварительное условие.



prerequisite-obstacle link - The building block for the prerequisite tree. The first step in building the prerequisite tree is to identify obstacles that are blocking or preventing a desirable system objective, condition, state of being, or desired action from occurring. Second, an intermediate objective that overcomes each obstacle is identified. These two entities comprise the prerequisite-obstacle link.

Usage: Obstacles are usually determined by builders of a prerequisite tree as they anticipate possible blockages or complications in implementing an injection to reach a desired effect or ambitious target. Overcoming an obstacle requires the identification and achievement of an intermediate objective. The prerequisite-obstacle links are placed on index cards or post-it notes and sequenced as to what intermediate objectives go first, second, in parallel, etc. starting from the present to the accomplishiment of the ultimate system objective, condition, etc.
35 Company sales staff only Obstacle 2 know how to sell products. Intermediate 24 All company sales Objective 2 staff are trained to sell business solutions.

See:ambitious target, desirable effect, injection, prerequisite tree, intermediate objective, thinking processes.