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prerequisite tree

См.: дерево предпосылок.



prerequisite tree

prerequisite tree - (PRT) - A necessity-based logic diagram that facilitates answering the question (in the change question sequence) "how to cause the change?" by showing the relationships between an injection or ambitious target to be implemented, obstacles that block the implementation, and the intermediate objectives that overcome the obstacles.

Usage: A prerequisite tree shows the sequence in which the intermediate objectives must be achieved for successful implementation of an injection or ambitious target.

Perspective: Both the prerequisite tree and intermediate objectives map focus on the major blockages to the full implementation of the injections in the reality under study. These tools do not cover all the other activities and intermediate objectives that are needed for the complete solution (that do not appear in the analysis as they do not present any threat to the implementation). These additional intermediate objectives and activities necessary for the complete implementation must be a part of the implementation plan.

Illustration: The following prerequisite tree is read from the overall objective down: "In order to achieve our overall objective, we must achieve intermediate objective 4 in order to overcome obstacle 4. In order to achieve intermediate objective 4 we must achieve intermediate objectives 6 and 9 in order to overcome obstacle 6/9." The other arrows are read in the same way.

See:ambitious target tree, injection, intermediate objective, necessity-based logic, intermediate objectives map.