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prerelease lead time

См.: время подготовки к выпуску.



prerelease lead time

prerelease lead time - - The time between acceptance and administration supporting a customer order and the release of the order to the production (project) process.

Usage: Prerelease lead time is required so that orders do not flood the production (project) process. The clock for prerelease lead time starts after order processing and provides the time essential to ensure the smooth flow of the order through the production process. The length of time is primarily determined by the load on the production (project) process, the queue in prerelease and the urgency of the customer order. The termination of this lead time is determined by the rope signal in drum-buffer-rope (or simplified drum-buffer-rope) or the signal to start a new project in critical chain project management.

Perspective: Traditional push projection and project philosophies do not use this mechanism. When the administrative processing is completed the manufacturing order (project) is released to execution immediately regardless of the current load on the resources.

See:replenishment lead time.