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policies - measurements - behaviors

См.: политики-измерения-поведение.



policies - measurements - behaviors

policies - measurements - behaviors - (PMBs)A series of three entities documenting the cause-and-effect relationship between a system's policy, its measurement, and the resulting organizational behavior.

Perspective: Frequently, an obsolete or ineffective policy and associated metrics for monitoring its enforcement results in dysfunctional behavior within a system. Since this sequence of entities often is responsible for one or more undesirable effects, it is important to document it in the current reality tree for the organization.

Example: Based on the assumption that increased local efficiency is desirable, the (informal) policy exists which seeks to keep employees busy all the time because it is believed that will reduce product costs. The metrics involved are local efficiencies and resource utilization. The behavior created is that work is released early to production, and the resulting undesirable effects include excess work-in-process and finished goods inventories, diluted priorities, poor due date performance, low cash position, etc.

See:cause-effect, current reality tree, entity, undesirable effect.