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necessity-based logic

См.: логика, основанная на необходимости.



necessity-based logic

necessity-based logic - A type of logic in which each entity at the tail of an arrow must exist in order for the entity at the head of the arrow to exist.

Usage: The thinking processes diagrams that use this type of logic are the evaporating cloud and the prerequisite tree. The validity of the connections is scrutinized by questioning the validity of the assumptions underlying the relationship between the two entities.

Illustration: Necessity-based logic diagrams are read beginning with the entity at the point of the arrow. The generic necessity-based logic diagram on the left is verbalized, "In order to have B Requirement, D We must have Prerequisite." The example on the right is verbalized, "B In order to buy food, D I must have money."

See:assumption, entity, evaporating cloud, prerequisite tree, scrutiny.