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necessary condition

См.: необходимое условие.



necessary condition

necessary condition - - A requirement which (by itself is not sufficient) and therefore must exist with one or more other requirements in order to achieve the goal or critical success factor, or reach an intermediate objective.

Usage: Necessary conditions are found on prerequisite trees, evaporating clouds and strategy and tactics trees. Necessary conditions are also found in intermediate objectives maps used for strategy development or system-level problem solving.

Example: The goal of most for-profit companies is to make more money now and in the future. In order to reach that goal it is absolutely necessary that the company simultaneously satisfy its customers and provide a secure and satisfying environment for its employees.

Perspective: A sufficient condition is something that by itself can be sufficient (i.e. there is a probability that it can work but also that it might not work) to achieve an objective. Since there is probability involved by definition a sufficient condition cannot be a necessary condition and vice versa.
An example is a new product like the iPod that was a sufficient condition for creating a turn-around at Apple, but we cannot claim it was a necessary condition (i.e. the turn-around could have been created by other means especially if the iPod failed to capture a significant market).

See:evaporating cloud, intermediate objective, prerequisite tree, requirement, strategy and tactics tree, sufficiency-based logic.