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minus-minus buy-in process

См.: процесс согласия минус-минус.



minus-minus buy-in process

minus-minus buy-in process - An approach based on the change analogy (See figure below: the pot-of-gold, the mermaid, the crocodile, and falling from the cliff) to gaining approval based on the level of problems or issues that a person/group is currently experiencing (the crocodile) - this "minus" of "not changing" is the prime motivator for the change. The two assumptions that block the person or group from buying in to the proposed change is that either they under-estimate the severity and urgency of the crocodiles (minus of not-changing) or they over-estimate the risks of falling from the cliff (the minus of changing).

If in the buy-in process, the person/group does not recognize and/or the presenter cannot get agreement on the severity / urgency of the current problems/issues (the crocodile), the change will not happen. Also, unless the presenter shows that either the perceived risks of the change are over-estimated or that the proposed change includes elements to prevent or reduce the risks of the change (crutches), the change will

not happen.

See:change analogy, plus-plus buy-in process.