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management core conflict cloud

См.: корневое облако конфликта управления.



management core conflict cloud

management core conflict cloud - Management's core problem is the dilemma of how to judge the performance of local parts of the organization (e.g., people, departments, functions). For a manager to be viewed as performing well (objective A) the manager must control costs (requirement B) and at the same time the manager must protect organization throughput (requirement C). In order for a manager to control costs the manager must judge according to local impact (prerequisite D) of the "improvement." In order for the manager to protect throughput the manager must not judge according to local impact (prerequisite D'). See the evaporating cloud below.

One TOC solution is based upon changing the fundamental approach to measuring improvement by recognizing the way to improve the organization performance is by focusing on local improvements that have global impact. The use of the TOC processes of ongoing improvement and throughput accounting are necessary conditions for evaluating the impact of local decisions to global results.

See:cost-world paradigm, process of ongoing improvement, throughput accounting, throughput-world paradigm.