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management constraint

См.: ограничение управления.



management constraint

management constraint - 1. A common misnomer. Management is not really the constraint, rather poor management hinders effective constraint management by inhibiting the ability to fully exploit or subordinate to the constraint.

Example: Management may punish engineers for not finishing their project tasks on time. The effect is that engineers put more "safety" in their estimates of task times, and early finishes are rarely reported. The unintended negative consequence is that the project's critical chain is not exploited and projects almost always finish late in spite of all the safety built into every task estimate. Bad actions by management that punish project engineers are not the constraint, but it hinders the engineers' ability to exploit the constraint of the project. Note: In the past poor management was commonly referred to as a type of constraint.

See:constraint, exploit, subordinate.

  1. Top management time available to devote to a given area, decision, etc.

Usage: Management time is a constraint under the traditional management philosophy under which managers attempt to focus on everything instead of focusing on the organization's leverage points. See:leverage point.