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make-to-order injections

См.: инъекции производства-на-заказ.



make-to-order injections

make-to-order injections - Conditions that must be in place to effectively manage production using a make-to-order management strategy: 1. Achievement of the delivery commitments is established as the prime measurement for the production process. 2. Production buffer is set to be challenging but achievable with production work orders released accordingly. 3. Open work orders are prioritized according to the buffer status of the corresponding customer order through the use of buffer management. 4. Buffer management for recovery actions is in place. 5. Availability of the selected critical raw materials and components is monitored/managed. 6. Buffer penetration reasons are reviewed periodically (weekly) for a process of ongoing improvement. 7. Capacity is monitored to identify capacity-constrained resources and to manage accordingly. 8. Transfer batch sizes are challenged and sized to support flow.

Usage: While many of the injections of make-to-availability and make-to-order are similar one must be careful. For example, both use stock buffers for raw materials but make-to-availability stocks all raw materials while make-to-order stocks only critical materials. Make-to-availability uses the consumption of stock buffers to prioritize work while make-to-order uses time buffers to prioritize work. Stock buffers may show no change, change slowly or change rapidly while time buffers are depleted uniformly.