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make-to-availability injections

См.: инъекции производства-для-наличия.



make-to-availability injections

make-to-availability injections - Conditions that must be in place to effectively manage the supply chain using a make-to-availability management strategy: 1. Management is committed to availability with no excess inventory at the plant (central) warehouse, with the plant (central) warehouse as the major regulator of the whole replenishment system.
  1. Stock buffers in the plant (central) warehouse are maintained to ensure 100% availability, with production work orders released according to the consumption from the plant (central) warehouse.

  2. Open work orders are prioritized according to the status of their corresponding buffers in the plant (central warehouse).

  3. Buffer management for recovery actions is in place. 5. Availability of raw materials and components is monitored and managed. 6. Buffer penetration reasons are reviewed periodically (weekly) for a process of ongoing improvement. 7. Capacity is monitored to identify capacity-constrained resources and to manage accordingly. 8. Transfer batch sizes are challenged and sized to support flow.