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long arrow

См.: длинная стрелка.



long arrow

long arrow - - 1. A term used when scrutinizing a logic diagram to indicate that there appears to be a gap in the logic (i.e., one or more intermediate steps is missing) that makes it unclear how a cause and an effect are related.

Usage 1: A wet tree will typically contain many long arrows, whereas a dry tree has few.

  1. A technique used in building or presenting a CRT in which the details of some cause-and-effect relationships are not shown in the tree.

Usage 2: This type of long arrow should only be used where all participants fully understand the underlying logic.

Illustration: When seeing the following two entities, the scrutinizer might say "I don't see how implementing drum-buffer-rope successfully causes the organization to drop the use of TOC. That is a 'long arrow' for me." The scrutinizer is saying that there must be additional entities between 10 and 30 before he/she can understand the cause-and-effect logic.

Syn.:trans-Atlantic arrow.

See:scrutiny, wet tree.