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light blue order

См.: голубой заказ.



light blue order

light blue order - - A non-priority order that is placed to use protective capacity in make-to-availability and make-to-order environments. The three color priority system of green, yellow and red is used with white used to indicate an order that should not have been released and black used to indicate an order that is late.

Usage: Light blue orders are worked on when the equipment is idle and work is immediately stopped when other work appears. In make-to-availability environments light blue orders are managed by stock buffer targets. Light blue orders are launched and worked on when idle capacity exists but if necessary the color priority system (green-yellow-red) is implemented to pull the order to completion. Light blue orders are used for items that generally do not compete with the company's other products and are usually sold in a totally segmented market. In both make-to-availability and make-to-order environment where the market cannot be segmented, client orders can be made using the protective capacity if the client is insensitive to long lead times.