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lieutenants cloud

См.: лейтенантское облако.



lieutenant's cloud

lieutenant's cloud - An evaporating cloud that describes the conflict that employees have relative to the misalignment of their responsibility and authority.

Usage: In this story line, the company has experienced problems in the past when multiple people inside the company speak directly to the customer. A policy was established that only the account manager can speak with the customer. It happened, however, that the account manager was not available when the shipping manager needed to ask the customer's question about an order that needed to ship immediately or it would be late. The shipping manager (the "lieutenant") was responsible to ship the order on time but lacked the authority to contact the customer in order to get the information needed to fulfill this responsibility. As shown in the cloud below, the injection (as shown in the square-cornered box) to evaporate this cloud is giving the lieutenant the authority to contact the customer when it has a direct impact on his or her ability to fulfill the responsibility of shipping on time.


See:alignment of responsibility and authority, evaporating cloud, injection.