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intermediate objectives map

См.: карта промежуточных целей.



intermediate objectives map

intermediate objectives map - (IO map)- A necessity-based logic diagram containing injections, intermediate objectives, and the final objective or ambitious target.

Usage: The IO map is created from a prerequisite tree by removing all the entities representing obstacles. The IO map is a plan that determines the sequence of intermediate objectives to be achieved in the implementation of the injection. The logic of the sequence is that one intermediate objective has to be in place before the next intermediate objective can be achieved.

The IO map is built by people who have intuition about the area in which the solution (a set of injections) is planned to be implemented. The obstacles are not recorded explicitly on the map and hence it is unlikely that the map will be subject to rigorous logical scrutiny. The IO map has been proven to be effective in collecting relevant opinions of people who are key to the implementation and helps gain their support and collaboration. An IO map is frequently created prior to building a project network or to establish the relationships among a system's goal, critical success factors, and necessary conditions.


See:intermediate objective, prerequisite tree.