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interactive constraints

См.: взаимодействующие ограничения.



interactive constraints

interactive constraints - Two or more factors (e.g., highly utilized resources in a production environment or critical chains in a project environment) that interact in a way that results in system throughput being highly unpredictable (chaotic) or difficult to manage. The factors can frequently be identified in the planning stages but execution is still difficult due to dynamic complexity in the timing of the need for capacity, resulting in interactions between the factors and loss of throughput.

Usage: "Interactive constraints" is a broader term than "wandering bottleneck". Constraints include such things as scarce resources in a production environment, critical chains in a project environment, the market for a given product, etc. while bottlenecks describe scarce resources in a production environment. While studying the project management environment, Dr. Goldratt recognized that the critical chain in a project was the constraint to finishing the project. Shortly thereafter he changed the name of the body of knowledge he created to the "Theory of Constraints".

See:bottleneck resource, capacity-constrained resource, constraint, wandering bottleneck.