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integration point

См.: точка интеграции.



integration point

integration point - In critical chain project management,the task where major paths in a project converge.

Usage: The integration point is usually near the end of a project where several different paths converge (e.g., subprograms in a large program, assemblies for an aircraft) to produce the finished product. A feeding buffer is inserted at integration points (similar to any convergent point) on the critical chain to protect it from disruptions on the non-critical-chain paths. An integration point may be selected as the virtual drum and then can be used for scheduling projects and as the release mechanism for new projects in a multi-project environment: new projects are released for execution when a project exits the integration point. Managing the integration point is critical to achieving high due date performance and increased flow of projects.

See:convergent point, critical chain, critical chain project management, drum, feeding buffer, staggering.