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idle capacity

См.: простаивающая мощность.



idle capacity

idle capacity - The available capacity on non-constraint resources beyond the capacity required to support the constraint. Idle capacity has two components, protective capacity and excess capacity.

Usage: In the TOC production and multi-project management solutions, protective capacity is maintained at all non-constraint resources. Increasing protective capacity allows the system to reduce the size of the buffers (thus reducing the lead times of the system) and ensure more reliable on-time performance. Reducing variation in the system reduces the need for protective capacity.

Perspective: Traditionally, all idle capacity is viewed as excess capacity or waste that should be trimmed. However, in a system of dependent events and statistical fluctuations, some idle capacity is needed to protect the throughput of the system. TOC refers to this vital part of idle capacity as protective capacity.

See:capacity, excess capacity, productive capacity, protective capacity.