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how to cause the change

См.: как вызвать изменение.



how to cause the change

how to cause the change - - The third question in the original change question sequence and the fourth question in the newer change question sequence. The focus of the question is on developing an implementation plan for the change.

Usage: Typically, the prerequisite tree and the transition tree are the thinking processes that are used to help determine the plan and detailed actions required to respond to this query. The objective in asking this question is to induce the proper people to invent solutions along the lines of those constructed in answering the preceding question in the change sequence - what to change to?

Perspective: How to cause the change includes, but is not limited to, creating a plan for implementing change. It also includes involving the appropriate people at the appropriate times in the other two steps of the change question sequence, as well as facilitating the process of those people creating the solution rather than dictating the required change(s).

See:change question sequence, prerequisite tree, transition tree, thinking processes.