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holistic project management rules

См.: целостные правила управления проектами.



holistic project management rules

holistic project management rules - - The rules for managing either single projects or multiple projects from a systems perspective. The rules are categorized as either planning rules or execution rules. The planning rules include: 1. Achievement of delivery commitments is the primary measure for managing projects. 2. Challenging but achievable estimates of task duration are used. 3. Resource conflicts are resolved and the critical chain through the network is determined. Resources are monitored to identify potential critical resources. 4. Buffers are inserted at strategic points. The execution rules include: 1. Bad multitasking is eliminated. 2. The road runner work ethic is implemented. 3. Buffer management is used for corrective actions and causes of buffer penetration are reviewed periodically as part of the process of ongoing improvement.

In addition, in multi-project critical chain project management, the execution of an already decided project portfolio includes staggering start times for projects based on the drum or virtual drum (integration point, heavily loaded resource, strategic resource or policy) and releasing projects based on conditions at the drum or virtual drum.