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green zone of the buffer

См.: зеленая зона буфера.



green zone of the buffer

green zone of the buffer - The buffer management term for region I, the least critical region of the buffer.

Usage: Green, a sign of freedom to move or continue, is used to refer to this zone because holes are not a problem in this region of the buffer as parts are generally not supposed to arrive yet or work is not supposed to be completed. Monitoring the green zone will detect early completions that may indicate that the overall size of the buffer can be decreased, or that the rope is not functioning properly.

Perspective: TOC logistical solutions in production, project management and distribution/ replenishment use buffers to protect the constraint and the customer from variation. These buffers are broken into three zones generally referred to as the green zone, yellow zone and the red zone. These zones help set priorities in reacting to variation.

Syn.:region I.

See:buffer, buffer management, hole, red zone, yellow zone.