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generic cloud

См.: обобщенное облако.



generic cloud

generic cloud - 1. The generalized cloud created in the three-cloud approach. By selecting three diverse problem areas, the generic cloud represents a synthesis of three relatively independent evaporating clouds and contains the core conflict that is responsible for many of the undesirable effects present in an organization or unit of study. 2. A general or basic conflict cloud between two people that represents various underlying day-to-day conflicts.

Examples: Generic clouds include: managing according to the cost-world versus the throughput- world, local versus global, an individual's well-being versus what is best for system, short-term versus long-term, and the lieutenant's cloud.

Illustration: As shown below, a generalized conflict for a married couple might be described as "Live for today versus Save for tomorrow". One of the day-to-day conflicts underlying this generic conflict might be, "Spend money on a fun-filled weekend versus do not spend money on a fun-filled weekend". Another one might be, "Buy a boat versus do not buy a boat."

See:consolidated cloud approach, core conflict, evaporating cloud, lieutenant's cloud, three-cloud approach.