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full planned load

См.: полная запланированная загрузка.



full planned load

full planned load - - In a make-to-availability system, the load that includes all production orders and all replenishment orders that are not yet released. In a mixed environment, containing both make-to-order and make-to-availability production orders, the full planned load should include also all the make-to-order orders including those whose due-dates are within the planned horizon of time but have not yet been released.

Usage: The full planned load differs from the planned load in a make-to-availability system in that sometimes there are replenishment orders that have not yet been released to the shop floor due to temporary capacity limitations. The full planned load takes these released orders into account. When considering the full load versus capacity on the CCR one should use the full planned load.

See:current planned load date, load control, planned load, prerelease wait time.