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freeze or defrost mechanism

См.: механизм замораживания или размораживания.



freeze or defrost mechanism

freeze or defrost mechanism - In a critical chain implementation or when multitasking is prevalent, the stopping of work on tasks for projects that represent the lowest priority of in-process projects.

Usage: Some recommend that projects representing 25% (more or less may be required) of the load on resources be temporarily frozen to reduce bad multitasking. Freezing can take place at the project, path, department or task levels, dependent on the severity of multitasking. At each level of freezing, multitasking is reduced significantly allowing the rate of project completion to increase significantly. As current projects are completed, frozen projects are defrosted based on priority and to maintain flow. Once all frozen projects are defrosted, new projects are released based on completion of in-process projects. Freezing projects allows freed-up resources to focus on existing projects, reduces multitasking, and allows time for full kitting of all projects.