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finished goods buffer

См.: буфер готовой продукции.



finished goods buffer

finished goods buffer - In a make-to-availability environment, a quantity of finished goods that provides instant availability to the next link in the supply chain. Elements of the finished goods buffer that are important are the buffer target (max size of the buffer), buffer status (the actual on-hand inventory), order frequency and order lead time for the sku at this location and at this time. The primary finished goods buffer is located strategically at a central warehouse. Replenishment by the retailer, distributor, and/or regional warehouse is pulled through the supply chain from the central warehouse. The status of the finished goods buffer at the central warehouse provides the release timing and quantity for production to replenish it.

Perspective: In a traditional (make-to-stock) environment, a single unit order point (min-max or economic order quantity) inventory system is used for ordering inventory. It is based on a forecast of the item.

See:actively synchronized replenishment, demand driven material requirements planning, make-to-availability, raw material buffer, stock buffer, work-in-process buffer.