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feedback loop

См.: петля обратной связи.



feedback loop

feedback loop - - A set of logical cause-and-effect relationships that is connected in such a way that it produces either an increasing (positive) or decreasing (negative) condition or behavior within a system.

Usage: The definition above and usage of the term feedback in TOC is different from the definition in most other systems methodologies such as system dynamics. In these other systems methods, positive feedback describes a series of effects that are self-reinforcing, and negative feedback describes a self-correcting or balancing effect. In contrast, TOC's definition of feedback is always a reinforcing feedback, either positive or negative, depending on the starting situation. In TOC, negative reinforcing loops are present in a system having problems that are getting worse, whereas positive reinforcing loops are active in a well-performing system, that is, steadily improving. In general, feedback involves both the transmission and the return of information. Since feedback loops exist in all real systems, it is important to actively identify and record them in any current reality and future reality tree diagrams, both for correct diagnosis and to utilize for effecting an improvement. Entities in a feedback loop are good candidates for leverage points.

Illustration: The example below is a negative feedback loop. If 10 We reduce the number of set-ups to increase efficiency then 20 We run larger batches and group like parts together. If 20 We run larger batches and group like parts together then 30 We release materials that are not yet needed. And if 30 We release materials that are not yet needed then 40 We reduce the protective capacity of the work center. Cause-and-effect loops back from 40 to 20 because reducing protective capacity reinforces running larger batches.

10 We reduce the 20 We run larger 30 We release 40 We reduce the number of set-ups to batches and group like materials that are protective capacity of increase efficiency. parts together. not yet needed. the work center. 50 Reducing protective Negative feedback loop capacity reinforces running larger batches.

Syn.:reinforcing loop.

See:cause-effect, current reality tree, future reality tree, leverage point, negative feedback loop, positive feedback loop.