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fact of life

См.: факт жизни.



fact of life

fact of life - (FOL) - 1. An assumption that has been validated for a given organization and its environment. 2. A statement about reality included to provide sufficiency in a cause-and-effect relationship.

Usage: In general, facts of life document the prevailing understanding or collective rationale of the thinking process diagram builder or team. Linking a fact of life with one or two related entities using a logical 'and' connector provides a tight logical relationship sufficient to establish the cause the subsequent entity.

Illustration: Entity 10 is considered to be a fact of life by the diagram builder. Using a logical 'and' connector (shown as an ellipse) to link entity 10 with entity 20 provides the rationale that, in the tree builder's environment, logically yields entity 30 Our sales are down.

Caution: Even though some assumptions can be treated as "facts of life" (e.g. we are confident enough about it to take action as if it was true), they should always be thought of as challengeable assumptions.

See:entity, logical 'and' connector, sufficiency-based logic, thinking processes.